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Hello!  We're Danny & Lasee (lay-see) - founder and mascot respectively.  While I retired from corporate America in 2023, Lasee just celebrated her first birthday in 2024.  She’s the energy and pep that keeps the excitement rocking around the office and the shop! 

We're developing a fun brand that also takes on hard issues, such as memorials for pets and people, all the while making it hassle-free to kindly touch the lives of your friends and family. 

But memorials aren't all, heck no.  We do fun pictures of kids and their pups, dog dads hanging with their best friend, family reunions, retirement photos of the work gang, and just about any event you can think of.  To top it off, we engrave some pretty great tumblers as well!

And we love working with B2B customers too!  We've worked with small mom & pop companies, and we've worked with multi-million dollar companies while crossing over from non-profit to profit, schools to churches, and restaurants to manufacturers. 

We'd love for you to consider our PODS subscription model for tumblers of all sizes, shapes, and colors.  PODS is taking off this year - reach out to us for more info and a no cost consultation to design your next marketing campaign with tumblers or other swag today. Go ahead, reach out and we'll be in touch shortly!

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